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At Home Dental: South Devon, West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
For anyone with agoraphobia (or for those of you who simply prefer to hire a dentist to come to their own home) who can afford private treatment, there is a service called "At Home Dental" which comes to your own home. They can also provide dentistry under the NHS if you are housebound and live in Torbay or Exeter. In West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and the rest of South Devon, they can visit on a private basis.

You should have enough space for a sunlounger and mains power.

Costs: On the website (as of October 2022), it says in the FAQs that "a new patient assessment is £78 plus our £48 service fee" and there's a link to the charges, which are on the high end for some things such as hygienist appointments, but average for other things.

For more information, visit their website:

P.S. They get very good Google reviews, but we haven't had any reviews for them on DFC yet.