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At least two infected teeth, several cavities, on amoxicillin and going to need extractions...



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Jul 3, 2016
At least two infected teeth, several cavities, on amoxicillin and going to need extractions...

Hi all. My name is Chris, I'm twenty-two years old and I live in Rockmart, Geogria in the United States.

I've been really bad about my oral hygiene (and honestly hygiene in general...) all of my life due to a life long issue with clinical depression. (You know, "What even is the point of keeping myself clean?"... I know the point now.) Recently I started experiencing what I thought were headaches, but what I now think was just sinus pressure, and that sort of got the ball rolling on my concern. A couple of nights ago, my cheeks got really hot and red, and that's when I knew I had to do something ASAP... I don't have medical insurance and I haven't been to a dentist in a long time so I don't really have a family dentist... I went to the emergency room thinking they would want to yank a tooth or multiple teeth on the spot... All that really happened was they took my blood pressure and temperature (Both absolutely normal) and then shined a flashlight in my mouth and said "Yep, that's definitely infection" and sent me home with a prescription for ten days of amoxicillin.

I know I have at least one but most likely two infections... One on the upper right side of my mouth, third molar from the back. There's a bubble above it, but it's not swollen and squishy like it used to be. There's obviously still an infection there, it can't be fully healed until the tooth is gone or so I've been told... I've had this one for over a year now. I can't remember exactly when it appeared, but I do remember it was while I was living in Texas, so anywhere in 2015. I've had my face swell up from this one before, during one of my first weeks of work at my old job, but I didn't know the dangers of it and just let it be and eventually the swelling went down. This abscess has never been burst.

The other infection I most likely have is on the exact opposite side of the first one, and has been there (If it is, in fact, still there) since I was in high school. (So we're looking at at least four years now.) There are only fragments of tooth left in that hole, but the bubble went away a long, long time ago and the majority of that tooth fell out back around the same time as when I acquired the other abscess. There's a fleshy part in the middle that I just had assumed was the gum trying to fill in the space where the tooth previously was, but it could very well be where the pus has been collecting. This abscess has not burst.

For a short list of my other dental issues, I have at least six cavities I know about, and back when I was having pain in one of my teeth (I believe the one where the known abscess is located before the abscess formed) I overused mouthwash and got chemical burns all over my mouth. (I THINK that's healed but probably is what lead to my getting said abscess...) I also was born with extra teeth, and have had at least two of them removed in the distant past that were growing in behind my two front teeth, I had others that never grew in but I don't remember whether or not they ever removed those.

I don't have dental insurance or a job right now... I have a crippling fear of almost any medical procedures, needles, noises, anything invasive... Any advice for me? I know I'm going to have to get them removed, I'm going to start calling dentists on Tuesday (Fourth of july weekend is a really bad time for this sort of stuff to go down, but I guess I can't get them yanked until I finish my antibiotics anyways.) Thanks in advance!
Re: At least two infected teeth, several cavities, on amoxicillin and going to need extractions...

Here is a link to some information [out-of-date link removed]

It has some ideas and options for you. With the Affordable Car Act and unemployed you should have some medical or be on the states medicaid.

Here is an extensive list of providers [out-of-date link removed]

I would take the medication and look at the list and start calling around. Maybe some of the health dept. ones may take sliding scale or free. If you haven't applied for Medicaid I would. You need to just start hitting the phone and calling around. I wish you the best of luck! Don't put it of just because the meds make it feel better.