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Ativan and Nitrous HELP!!!!!



Junior member
Aug 11, 2009
I am NEW here. I went to the Dentist today after I can't even remember how many years...Our daughter is getting Married in November and that is what finally PUSHED me to go. I have been through tso much Dental stuff from a car accident when I was in 3rd grade...(I am 47 now) but I have crowns on my 4 front teeth. One is now loose, receding gums and I have decided to have the 4 removed and a partial to start so I will look better for her Wedding.

Will the Ativan and inhailed gas work to make me able to take this???? It was about all I could do to go for a consultation today, was glad they had a cancelation and I got in TODAY for that. I have an appointment on September 1 for xrays and impressions the Dentist was very sweet and said he will do this first for the wedding but wants to do other things later....deep root stuff and so on.

Please help me KNOW that these TWO things combined will help me make it through this 4 tooth extraction and a partial so I knw I can "SMILE" at my daughters Wedding in November.
One or other would probably be enough for most people, both together sounds like it should do the trick. :)