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Ativan question



Jan 11, 2018
About 10 years ago when I went to the dentist I was given Ativan. I got into the chair and I knew was was happening and attempted to jump out of the chair. They started the work and I don't really remember much about the appointment. I do remember coming home and lying down and I was out for awhile. Could I have maybe been put in the chair too early so I attempted to bolt? Since I crashed when I got home and don't remember much of the appointment, is that a sign that it did what is was sulposed to do? I'm reconsidering taking Ativan when I get my extractions. I also wondered of I needed a stronger dose. Just trying to get ready for this big step. I really only have 2 major things that I need done. These 4 extractions & then my wisdom teeth.
Since you don't remember much I say it worked well! :)

If given the chance, I take anything I can get. I like the gas myself. I always ask them to turn it up, too.