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Autistic Son's Teeth Extremely Yellow



Jul 28, 2015
My son went for his checkup today. He has been so cooperative. He sits in the chair on his own and he lets the dentist get a really good look. He just had another dental full mouth restoration under sedation in the hospital this past June.

I had a concern which I asked the dentist to check out.

His upper molars are bright yellow, as bright as this l'il fellow. :dunno:

The dentist deemed it a stain.

But, he does not really eat or drink anything that could possibly stain his teeth and he is constantly drinking water.

The only things that he eats or uses that have dyes/coloring are: ACT mouthwash (green), Crest gel toothpaste (blue), lemon pepper spice (on cooked chicken).

I'm very worried that I've brushed away his enamel and its the yellow dentin or his teeth are rotting.
He has very big fillings in his molars.

We have a thorough tooth care regime.

We love his dentist, but (big but), a few times she has downplayed issues with his teeth so as not to upset us.

getting there

Junior member
Jul 29, 2015
Theres no harm in getting a second opinion wich is EXACTLY what id do.cause in my opinion something dosent seem right.