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Awaiting appointment for overerupted upper wizzy removal



Junior member
Dec 27, 2012
Hi all I've lurked on here for ages and love the support available. You made me pluck up the courage to go to the dentists at the end of november- first time in 4 years! I subsequently went for a second appt and had a tiny filling done, but am waiting to have my two upper wizzies removed as they are over erupted. Found out last week that I have been referred to another dentist as they don't send you to hospital in this area for IV sedation any more. I don't get to see the surgeon until jan30th and am really struggling eating. There was no xmas dinner for me- just noodles! The upper right one hurts when I get food anywhere near it- can only describe it as tinfoil on the teeth type pain, the upper left is extremely over erupted and keeps catching the lower molar making the gum round the wizzy ache most of the time.

Sorry for the drawn out explanation but its driving me nuts with the pain and unable to eat solid food! I'm losing weight hand over fist. I had a 5 day course of antibiotics before xmas because I pleaded for something from the dentist. I'm taking ibuprofin which eases it a bit but would a poultice help at all? The prospect of another month on a liquid diet is so depressing- if I didn't have such a fear of the extraction itself I'd go back to my dentist tomorrow. :shame:

Anyone have any idea how long it's likely to be between seeing the surgeon and the actual extraction? Will I have to pay more money as it has taken so long for the referral to go through?
Hi and welcome to the forum, it is good that through this forum you have found the courage to see a dentist. Sorry you are in pain and couldn't have your Christmas dinner, but when your mouth is fixed you can have a dinner then, you can have Christmas dinner any time of year you know, it might be hard to get hold of some crackers but the food tastes just as good without them.

As far as I know if you see another dentist for any work doing you pay them, but this you would have to check with the dentists involved.

I am sorry I haven't any answers for you, but could you contact your dentist and tell him how much pain you are in and see if he can get things done sooner for you.

All the best :XXLhug::XXLhug:
Thank you Carole, I seem to have it sort of under control at the moment - ibuprofen in the morning and anbesol on the surrounding gum, then the same before food in the evening (only eating once a day to prevent it being aggrevated) and again before bed. I'm gonna phone the dentist on wednesday as hopefully they will be open normally then. :thankyou:
Good luck :clover::clover::clover: I hope you get an appointment soon when you phone them.