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Awesome Root Canal Experience



Junior member
Apr 17, 2018
So I just had my first round of root canals. Background story ( I have not had dental work done in almost 15 years. When I was a teenager I went in to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and just never went back.) Fast forward to last year my back molars started decaying and I mean all 8 of them. So I finally got some great insurance this year and made it my new years resolution to get my teeth fixed. Luckily I don't really have any pain so I am pretty much getting a head start. Went and had my first appt and eekk I have to have 15 filling and 6 root canals with crowns. So I started with my deep cleaning was not bad at all only thing is my dentist numbed my entire mouth and did it all at once this part was a little frightening because of the needles and funny because talking with your whole mouth numb is hilarious. I also have high blood pressure and tend to have white coat syndrome as well so I would shoot my bp up every time I went there. Next appt I decided to tackle the fillings need on my left side because in the next two days I was starting my root canal process. My silly self decided to google root canal and nothing good showed up so I started freaking out. They numbed me and did all my fillings on one side (5) 3 on top and 2 on bottom. Went home only pain I felt was the injection site. Pretty much feels like when you have shots as a kid and it gets a little achy but that is it. Having this appt done before my root canal kind of soothed my anxiety a little since I didn't feel a thing and it went so well. So main point is I went yesterday and had not one but two root canals done since two of them are right next to each other. I absolutely felt not a thing whole process took and hour and half and the worst I have felt is the injection site. This was the easiest process and I could not believe I beat myself up over it. Here I am 24 hours out and I still have no pain!!! I do have temporary fillings and I will need to go and get those filled next week and I am going to go ahead and get all my other fillings on that side done and out of the way. Good luck to all of you and have no fear you get numbed for a reason.:jump: