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Awful gum recession ?



Junior member
Apr 18, 2020
My gums have receded terribly above my back upper molars. I am 37 and really careful about dental hygiene. I am very careful around the gum line, use a water flosser, gengigel mouthrinse, and see my hygienist regularly. My dentist never seems overly concerned ? but I can see for myself that it's quite extreme.

I think the recession is caused by night time cleaning and grinding. I have never really suffered with symptoms until the last few weeks, when my teeth do feel sensitive and a bit uncomfortable. I am applying sensitive toothpaste to try and sort that out.

I am determined to sort it out when dentists are open again, and have been reading up on the options for gum surgery, including the pinhole technique?

Just wondered if anyone can offer any advice or reassurance? I am incredibly anxious about my teeth in general, and am hating not being able to access the dentist at the moment. All general dentistry is still suspended in the UK at the moment ? is this a problem that can safely wait?


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It's not that bad and it can safely wait a few months.
Thank you Gordon ??