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Baby tooth removed



Feb 10, 2024
I'm 42 years old and had been to the dentist in years! Recently I broke a tooth( darn Carmel corn )and had to have it extracted. Turns out it was a baby tooth! My dentist and his staff are awesome, but I am still terrified of now continuing on with cleaning and exam! This all happened in December and I can honestly say I have enjoyed very little of my life since. Been having panic attacks and not sleeping , fearing what all they might find.

I have the best life of anyone I know. Wouldn't trade places with anyone! Great wife, great pets, and good friends. I just want my old life back. How do I get past this??? The fear is just crippling me. I want that tooth replaced so badly I can't stand it, but there is no way I could handle getting an implant.

If this upcoming appointment does not go well, I'm afraid I am not going to make it much longer. Not a religious person , but I have been praying for strength and healing for myself and others that dental fear and phobia.

All this over a baby tooth! Dental anxiety is a real thing, and it has taken over my entire life.

Thanks for reading! Sometimes just sharing helps a little bit.
Hi @dchodge23 congratulations on managing to see a dentist after you broke your tooth. A lot of people wouldn't have the courage to do that and they'd just put up with the pain, or go to ER. So that must have taken a lot of guts!

Can you explain a little more about the baby tooth - is it very visible and obvious to others that it's missing, or is it more the feeling of suddenly having a gap where before there was a tooth? It sounds as if you're quite distressed over it. As Gordon said in the Ask a Dentist section, a bonded resin bridge ("Maryland bridge") might do the trick if you're looking for a non-invasive option for replacing the tooth.

As to what else "they might find", at the end of the day, it's your choice what you'd like to do - after all, it's your mouth and your life. If any treatment is suggested, you can take time to do your research and make decisions as to what you'd like (or not like) to do. Often, the anticipation is so much worse than the actual event - reading some of the success stories on this forum or on the website might help a bit as well!
Thanks so much for weighing in! What a great resource this forum has been! It is not visible luckily, but it bothers me and I just can't seem to shake it!
That's a big bonus that it's not visible, though it must feel like a huge change. Our mouths are very sensitive to the tiniest of changes, so suddenly having a gap would feel very odd. Some people seem to find it quite easy to adapt (or at least, you see a lot of people with missing teeth about who don't complain about it), but everyone's tolerance level is different... so if it's bothering you, then yes, definitely do your research and find the best solution for you :grouphug:
I just hope I have a bridge option. I don't think I have what it takes for an implant
The implant process sounds a bit more gory than it is, seeing how there are no nerve receptors in the jawbone. But yeah, it's a somewhat lengthy process and a lot more expensive than a resin-bonded bridge. A "standard" bridge doesn't really make much sense unless the adjacent teeth are already crowned. See what options your dentist comes up with and take it from there?
That is what I am thinking too. Going back for my consult and cleaning soon. My primary care doctor offered to prescribe me one Valium pill for my vist. Do you think I should take them up on it?