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Back again: Feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle...



Junior member
Mar 16, 2017
So I posted on here not too long ago about visiting a dentist when I didn't go for a year and a half. I have a lot of problems with my teeth with 9 fillings & one extraction all when I was 15, now I'm 24.

So I went to see a dentist about two weeks ago, and he said that everything was fine, but he wasn't particularly nice to me saying that having all of these fillings is not a good thing at all, so after that comment I decided not to go back there, and to find a different dentist in a couple of months time so that my anxiety can't increase too much in between to not go for years again. Well two weeks later after a deep clean, my tooth on the lower left hand side has just had a chunk fall off of it. I've had this happen before with this tooth many years ago, where it chipped away and I was terrified of seeing a dentist back then! I left it for years and it was constantly chipping away until I finally found the courage to get it sorted. As a result, this tooth has a very deep filling on it.

I just feel like surely the dentist could've seen like any 'warning signs' that would've of told him it was about to break, or is it just something that happens randomly?

I just feel like I'm loosing this constant battle I seem to have with my teeth. I'm only 24, are they just going to be crumbling away forever until I have nothing left? I changed my oral hygiene a couple of years ago, I brush twice a day with a lot more care and attention than I used to, floss at least once a day sometimes twice, and use mouthwash after I eat lunch just to get rid of stuff leftover. I feel like it's all for nothing as it clearly hasn't improved anything.

I've got an appointment tomorrow at 9am at Beehive Dental. Decided to go with them as I only live round the corner and have read a lot of great things about them on this website!

I also have other problems that I wanted to address in a months time as I got away for a month on Saturday. I grind my teeth at night, sometimes it's quite bad. At night my tongue pushes against my upper teeth and sometimes my lower jaw will randomly bite shut really hard feeling like it almost rips through my tongue.

I just feel like I will always have something wrong with my teeth, even when I feel like I'm in a good place with them, something will come along a knock me down and push my anxiety levels straight up! I suppose I just want to know if these will eventually go away or is it something which I have to put up with for the rest of my life? :cry:
Not a dentist I would want to see as well, making comments on how many fillings you have.

Good luck with seeing this dentist, hopefully you will have a better experience