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Back again. Should I call my dentist?



Jan 25, 2020
I feel like a crazy person. I come here so often just to read stories.

my toddler was flailing today and hit me in the face. I was bent over by him so it wasn’t a very strong blow and it was more to my cheek bone. I ended up biting down into my lip lightly. It didn’t hurt at all. There was no pain in any of my teeth and the spot where I think took the impact, is right above where I have two teeth removed and a root canal.

there is no pain but I am worried that I somehow caused damage. How would I know when and if I should call the dentist? I was hit in the face by another one of my children years ago and ended up being in the worst pain of my life and needing a root canal. That hit was much harder and it felt strange immediately after. Today there is nothing like that. It happened two hours ago and I can eat hot and cold and it’s not sensitive, but the fear of wondering if I’ve injured another tooth is all I can think about.

I went to the dentist 3 months ago when I bent down and hit my face on the arm rest. He did an x-ray and it was fine. That was my front tooth and the impact was harder than today’s. So I really don’t want to have to go back. It’s embarrassing
If you feel better going, you should go. It can help with anxiety, and nobody here is ever going to tell you to avoid the dentist.

All that said, if nothing broke or fell out and everything feels normal, there isn't much a dentist can do but a visual and tactile inspection and X-Ray, which while it certainly may find problems, it simply is not the case that every blow is going to cause you the need for a root canal.

Call for sure and report the incident, but my hunch is that you probably escaped injury this time.