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Back pain after dentist visit. Weird I know



Junior member
Dec 19, 2013
Has anyone experience something similar? Yesterday I went in to get 3 fillings done, had to get a few extra shots because my nervousness prevents me to getting numb and all that and the dentist had to keep reminding me to relax and to try not to shake so much. That's how terrified I am, for some reason today my back feels really achy and sore in the middle and upper part and I'm here wondering if it could be because of how tense I got while I was on the chair?
YES :) I have done this to myself often. It is not enough that I have made it to the dentist after stressing myself out but after I have been my back also suffers. We do more damage to ourselves than any dentist could possibly do :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: :butterfly::butterfly: