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back teeth sensitive to cold after deep cleaning in April



Junior member
Jun 7, 2013
Hello, I had a deep cleaning done in April of this year. I am terrified of the dentist and they did sleep dentistry. They told me to expect to sensitive for "awhile" while my gums grow back. Can someone tell me how long I can expect to have this? It is also sensitive to sweets. The dentist assured me that the xrays showed no cavities. I have tried the new sensodyne tooth paste for repair and protecting. SO far nothing is working. I can't eat salads or fruit unless they are warmed up first. :cry: I had to drive 2 hours away to find a dentist that would do sleep dentistry and my phobia makes it very difficult to visit the dentist to get another check up.
Hi :welcome: you could try and rub some of the toothpaste using your finger into your gums where your teeth and gums meet. I use sensodyne and have found it to be the only thing that works for my teeth being sensitive. But some people use colgate, maybe you could try that for sensitive teeth it might be better for you than sensodyne. :butterfly:
I am a hygienist. Generally sensitivity after scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) doesn't last very long. The gums don't grow back after the procedure, although they do tighten to the teeth. Sensitivity is usually caused by exposed root surfaces. Often times after the teeth are scaled more root is exposed because it used to be covered with build up. With sensitivity tooth pastes you get better results if they are left on the teeth (don't rinse after use). Did they send you home with any prescription products? After doing scaling and root planing on my patients I send them home with a prescription strength fluoride gel containing potassium nitrate. If you were not prescribed or dispensed something similar you can call and ask if they will. I would also have them take another look at the tooth. Extreme sensitivity for a long time is not normal.