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Junior member
Aug 1, 2018
Hi everyone I am new here and badly in need of support / help. I have been petrified of the dentist for as long as I can remember. As a result my teeth are in bad condition. I wait till I'm in extreme pain before I even think about going......anyway, last Wednesday ( 7 days ago ) I was in sheer agony and made that dreaded trip to the dentist. I told him to treat me like a child ( I'm 49 ) as I was terrified. He put " magic jelly" on my gum before the injections and he easily removed an upper back tooth. 7 days later my face is still numb, sore and bruised! My gum is fine though. I went back this morning and he said it's probably deep bruising. At the last minute he decided to x ray my mouth...he immediately changed his attitude and became kinda shifty and said he was putting me on review and wants to see me every week. He said something rather strange too...he said " remember we are here for you Mrs" as I was walking out the door. I am so worried I won't get the feeling back in my right cheek, lip and under my eye. I have another tooth that's causing me pain but don't think I will ever go back....my fear is worse than ever now :(


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

I'm so sorry you are going through this experience, it sounds scary and hard.. I too am 49 and had a very hard fearful dental journey so know what its like to just kind of do "damage control" and defense dentistry.. its hard to get the courage to walk in and even call to try someone new especially when you are in pain and needing immediate work.

Sounds like this dentist was really vague and didn't explain much and you sensed that shift in your gut.. I'd be very curious and apprehensive and want to do further investigating myself. Are you thinking possibly 2nd opinion ? or going back , emailing? calling to ask specifically more information? I can imagine its hard to know what to do..

I hope it can somehow get better and you can possibly find your way to another dentist to help with your painful tooth..and that the tooth can be patient with you while you figure out this first issue..


Super Moderator
Jun 24, 2012
He really should have explained what he thinks the problem might be - although sometimes it's hard for dentists to know how to treat nervous patients. But withholding information and letting imaginations run wild is not the best way!

Do feel free to ask him. You deserve an explanation. And do feel free to get a second opinion.

The vast majority of numbness after dental work - even if it lasts longer than it should - doesn't last forever and subsides in time, but it can be very, very upsetting and scary to deal with in the meantime.

While you probably feel like you've not been at all rewarded for your bravery seeing as you're so uncomfortable and worried, you *were* brave, and you managed to face your fears. You ought to be very proud of yourself.

Remember that if you go to get a second opinion from another dentist, they will just x-ray it and you won't have to get any treatment at that appointment if you don't want to! Hang in there. :hug4:


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2017

I hope that by the time you read this post you will be feeling much better already. My dental journey began a few months ago and each day is still a struggle. My dentist knows of my anxiety and at my request, does his best not to freak me out with too much information. I too have noticed changes in his demeanor at times but I've come to realize that it isn't always as bad as it seems. For example, I have been dealing with post op pain for a few weeks now. I continue to go back about every two weeks to be checked on even though I have not noticed any improvement. It took maybe 5 visits before my dentist actually used the term "root canal" to me instead of just "the possibility of further treatment." Now, when I had my sedation appointment he was much more straight forward to my husband/designated driver. If I were you, I would first seek answers from your dentist before getting a second opinion. He may just be keeping you in the dark because you asked to be treated like a frightened child (which is fine by the way. I'm 30 and my dentist gives me high fives lol). I'm also having my wisdom teeth removed soon and the disclaimer I signed mentioned that post operative numbness can last for up to 6 weeks in some cases. I hope you are feeling better and do let us know how it goes.
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