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Back tooth extraction under IV sedation .... help!!



Junior member
Nov 16, 2020
I've got to have an upper molar removed next week - its the one at the very back. I've never had a tooth out when I'm awake before - I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed in hospital under general anaesthetic about 30 years ago now, but this time the (new, private - very nice!) dentist has suggested we go for IV sedation. He has arranged for a consultant sedationist to come to the practice - he works with him regularly I'm told - I'm just nervous about both aspects and wonder if anyone who has been through similar might be able to let me know what their experience was like please? This dentist is, as I say, private - he is also the father of twins in my son's year at school, so I'm fairly confident that he will make sure he does a very good job!!!! He is very kind - I'm just nervous - slightly more so because I am somewhat overweight - my BMI is 35.1.

Thank you!
I'm not a dentist, just a terrified person who has had IV sedation in the past. It is wonderful, a revelation if you are an anxious patient. I had an extraction on an upper molar with this. When you're given the IV drugs, you feel pleasantly woozy, and extremely relaxed, like being a bit drunk. You are apparently able to respond and comply with all requests while being treated, but I honestly remember nothing about it, as the drugs make you forget most or all of what has happened. While you're sedated, the dentist gives you the local anaesthetic and treats you, and when you come back to full consciousness, it's all done! You'll need someone to take you home and stay with you for a few hours as you'll still feel 'fuzzy' for some time - I spent the afternoon asleep on the sofa and woke up feeling fine.
That is so reassuring to hear, thank you so much! I'm scared of being scared in the moment, as it were, but then again, if I then remember nothing about it, I guess that's not too bad! Thank you so much, you have really helped me and I am so grateful! x
You're welcome. It's the only way I can manage to have extractions and 'larger' dental jobs done, so it's a godsend for me. If you can get yourself to the dental surgery, that's the hardest part of it over; the rest is a breeze, they will take good care of you.