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BAD Dental Anxiety



Junior member
Dec 24, 2021
Hi everyone!

I am hoping I can talk to someone who may be experiencing the same thing. About a year ago I was sitting on my couch and thought I felt my tooth wiggle... I ran upstairs and checked in the bathroom mirror...it was indeed moving the TINIEST amount. But, that sent me into a tailspin. I immediately called and got into a dentist - mind you I hadn't gone in probably 8 years. They did a cleaning, exam and x-rays and told me other than one cavity on a back molar my teeth were in good condition. I was relieved and forgot about my teeth until the end of the summer. UNTIL I was looking in the mirror and saw a small spot at the top of my front tooth that looked almost 'indented". I lost it again, thinking it was a cavity or my gum receding. Immediately made an appt to go back to the dentist where he told me it was nothing other than the way my teeth grew. No cavity, no gum issues etc. He said he could do a cosmetic filling to prevent anything from getting stuck up in there in the future and forming a cavity. He did the filling and my gum stayed pretty irritated up until about a month ago when I went back and he was able to file down the filling under my gum. He also referred me to a periodontist who did a full charting and said my teeth are perfectly healthy.

However, (if you are still reading... THANK YOU) I have myself convinced I feel my teeth moving, that they are loose, that the dentist missed something etc. I struggle with general anxiety anyways and seem to have fixated on my teeth. I am always looking at them, trying to see if anything has changed. I don't know why I do this to myself. 2 Dentists have told me my teeth are going no where but, I still convince myself they are. I take great care of my teeth, brush 3 times a day, floss and mouthwash 2x a day but my anxiety is not going away.

Hoping there may be someone else who has experienced the same anxieties I could talk to? I did put in for a therapist but the wait is so long.

TIA :)


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi alexislea13,

I was sorry to see that you haven't gotten a reply yet so at least wanted to let you know that your post got read. From your post it sounds like you are not struggling with the fear of going to the dentist that much, but that for some reason your mind tends to wander to your teeth and convince you that there is something wrong with them, regardless of what dentists say. I am glad you are on a wait to get to a therapist and will be keeping fingers crossed for you to get a spot as soon as possible. These kind of fears (they are sometimes called health anxiety) are not uncommon and can be worked on.

If you wish to have something that you can do in the mean time, here is the link to a free course where you can learn some background about where this worries come from and what nurtures them, as well as what could you do to help them become less:

All the best wishes