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Bad feeling in my cheek/jaw and ear after wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
Nov 13, 2015
I had my upper right wisdom tooth extracted five days ago now and for the most part (besides a nasty headache the first day or so after), recovery hasn’t been bad. Yesterday I decided to test the water with food (since I have primarily been eating mashed potatoes and applesauce for meals) and made a chicken breast to have for dinner. Later that night, I began to feel almost sore in my right cheek, like it’s been scrapped and some...heaviness in my jaw. After waking up this morning, that feeling was gone initially but now I’m feeling it again in addition to this weird feeling in my ear.

I am having no actual pain from the surgical site and I have had my mother look several times with a dental mirror to make sure I’m healing correctly and I am. Could this issue with my cheek/jaw be related to adding more regular food back to my diet and this chewing more? Could it be something else?
Lis ,

How are you doing with this now?

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