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Bad gum canker sore after dental work



Junior member
Feb 13, 2021
Everytime I go to the dentist maybe because I'm anxious about it I get complications. This time I got a temporary crown and 2 days after I got a lot of canker sores on that area(( doctor sais its ok but I'm really worried about it..is it normal to get this many blisters after dental work..it extends on the gums near the tooth that they worked on. You can see a picture attached


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Not a dentist, but I get canker sores every time I have dental work or especially injections. Anywhere I get a shot, I always end up with a canker sore.
That is a lot of them in the picture, and I have never had quite so many but I have had three very large ones at once following a crown prep. They are painful and annoying but they will go away. Have you tried swishing with salt water? I do that, and use this numbing stuff on them which helps a lot with the pain.
I am rinsing with salty water as well and using cankerX (a pain relief gel) but this is annoying. It is the second day today...I believe it will get worse by tomorrow but hopefully will go away soon. Thank you for your reply
Hurricane topical analgesic is the best stuff I have found. I have gotten canker sores my whole life after any dental procedure, even a cleaning sometimes. That stuff works great! There is also a numbing mouthwash that works great. I can’t remember what it is called. I don’t have any currently.
I hope they clear up soon! I know what you mean though...they get worse before they get better. ?
Difflam mouthwash is pretty helpful. It's available without prescription here in UK, dunno about elsewhere.