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Bad oral hygiene for the past 7 years



Junior member
Nov 16, 2017
Hii! I’m 18 and haven’t brushed my teeth in about 7 years and haven’t visited a dentist in about 8 years, my teeth are now a yellow colour 2 of my front teeth have done black and in parts chipped off and half of one of my molars has broken in half and got a cavity that you can just see as the rest in under my gum the rest of my molars have black spots here and there, I want to start taking proper care of my teeth but I’m not sure what products would be best so can you suggest good manual tooth brushes and paste and I know I need to see the dentist but when I go to book an appointment I have a panic attack so for now I don’t think I should go as I’m getting panic attacks from just thinking about booking an appointment
The brush that my dentist gives me is an Oral B soft bristle brush, so that must be good. I actually use a Sonicare tooth brush and like it a lot, the manual brush goes to my husband. I don't think it matters much which paste you use, just one that you don't mind the taste.

Just rinsing your mouth out after sugar or food, avoiding sodas, will go a long way.

I would encourage you to read the Success stories on this forum, and you will see that your situation is not unique!