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Bad tartar and gum disease



Junior member
Jan 25, 2024
county durham

I recently found this group, it has helped me so much to try and face my fears of going to the dentist. I made a post the other day about my anxiety and going to the dentist, since then I’ve made an appointment to be seen however it’s not till the end of the month. My lower incisors have very bad tartar build up in them I woke up the other day to a massive crack on the tartar, and one of my teeth is quite wobbly. I’m so scared that it won’t last till the end of the month. I’m bearly eating at anll incase it falls out and feel like crying all the time i feel so alone . I’m scared of the tooth falling out and if I see an emergency dentist they will just remove it and I’ll be left with a big gap. I understand this is a completely cosmetic issue but my job is people facing and I already feel like I hide my teeth as it is.

My mouth has also just started bleeding by its self. Quite a bit, I’m using Corsdol gum treatment and mouth wash and gengigel through out the day. Is there anything else I can do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
It's unlikely to fall out by itself, they can go for ages while wobbling about. Should easily last till the end of the month.