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bad teeth and high white blood count?



Jul 2, 2008
I am losing all my teeth:cry:. After I had my canine removed, I thought that would be the end of my problems. But I still save facial pain, I went to get a panoramic x ray and he found the number 13 tooth is infected and draining into the sinus lining....more antibiotics. They also found 2 other teeth that were brewing and my peridodal disease is so bad that some of my teeth have only 2% of bone left.
I had blood work done, and they said my white blood count was at 18.3, could my bad teeth and gum disease be bringing this up that high? The dentist that did the panormic x ray won't touch my teeth because of my blood level, he says to go to an oral surgeon. Why?
I am so scared. I had my four front teeth pulled, but the whole mouth. I am scared about the blood level and the pooosibly of nerve injury having so many teeth pulled. :(
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Oct 11, 2007
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The dentist may be concerned about your overall medical health and the WBC count which might explain the referral or he/she might just prefer a specialist remove the teeth for whatever reason. The person who ordered the blood work should be able to tell you about the results.