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Badly impacted lower wisdom tooth extraction extracted at 36! My experience...



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Jul 24, 2015
Badly impacted lower wisdom tooth extraction extracted at 36! My experience...


I had a badly impacted lower wisdom tooth extracted under GA yesterday. I am 36.

I wanted to share my experience so someone else in my situation can rest easy about wisdom teeth extractions in mid 30s. For some reason, I was never told in my 20s to get my wisdom teeth out. Suddenly when I hit 33, I was told that I needed to get a badly impacted one out ASAP.. I freaked out, and saw about 3 other oral surgeons hoping that they would say it wouldn't need taking out. Finally at 36, I knew it either had to come out now otherwise I would have a long recovery process with a higher risk of infection (they needed to remove quite a bit of bone).

Every oral surgeon wanted to do it with GA as it required a lot of bone removal :/ and as you all know, at 36 your bone is pretty dense and the roots are completely grown so it is harder to get them out. There was only a small piece of the tooth showing through the gum that was starting to decay.

After 3 years of trying to get my head around the surgery I decided I can do this. I booked an appointment - the surgeon wanted to take all of them out since I was going under. However, a few days before I was starting to panic about the surgery and decided that I will only do the one (the badly impacted one). I started on 800mg of ibuprofen 24hrs before the surgery and spent the day and night in bed trying to get control of my anxiety. The next morning, I was in a daze (so scared). I was taken out the back into the room and they hooked all the monitors up. I started to cry about getting put under (because I read somewhere that there are very rare occasions that the GA can cause death - this hardly ever happens - and to rest your anxiety on this, think of those people who are put under for hours and hours on end for major surgeries). The dental assistant calmed my nerves and explained the process. The surgeon came in, and straight away went to put the needle in my arm - it was the only real pain i experienced. He hooked up the GA and suddenly I had a chemical smell to my breath - I asked them about this and then suddenly feel asleep. I woke up to the nurse saying my name. It was over SO QUICKLY! I also think my worries and anxiety pre-surgery were the worse part of the whole thing!!! I was able to stand and talk normally after the GA. My memory was a little shot though. I continued on 800mg ibuprofen yesterday and half a tablet of the heavier oxycodone/actaminophen as soon as the local started to wear off. It was bleeding pretty bad yesterday but it was controllable. I had a gauze in for most of the day/night. Yesterday I was a little tired and a bit dazed. No pain though. Today I felt I didn't even need to take the painkillers but took them anyway since I am suppose to take 800mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours for 4 days. I can't open my mouth much and am on a liquid diet. I could of easily gone to work today! :)

The surgeon called me last night to check in on me - I told him I was an idiot for not having them taken out at once because it was nothing. He laughed at me and said it would be easy.

So that was my experience! Don't focus on all the bad stories out there! Mine was much easier and much less painful than getting stitches from another injury! I would easily get the other three out if they ever need to come out at a later date without any worries about the process. It was one of the easiest things I have done :)

Its a piece of cake! These surgeons know what they are doing - so trust them!
Re: Badly impacted lower wisdom tooth extraction extracted at 36! My experience...

Well done! very happy for you, I am due for two surgical extractions and a filling tomorrow under IV sedation!