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Badly need help - and booked in to get it.



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Mar 25, 2024
Hi all, think I may get find my people here.

17 years since my last dentist visit. Mouth looks and feels like something from the last days of The Somme. Stained, increasingly broken, bad gum erosion.

I’ve been embarrassed about them for years and the one thing I truly hate about myself. Not only the bad teeth but also the cowardice for not going.

Phobic since day dot but recently lost a chunk of the back of my front teeth and have been hiding it from wife and home repairing with temparin and Glass Iomomer.

Ultimately nothing worked for more than a day. Although I suspect the back of my teeth now look like a freshly whitewashed Greek Villa.

Came close to having a breakdown before I told my wife. Genuinely shaking and full blown panic attack.

But she was amazing. Really supportive and I’m now booked in to see someone on Wednesday. Will be a long road I think, and not a cheap one, but writing this is helping. Has been internalised for decades.

I might share updates depending on how well it goes.
Hi @SWLONDON and welcome 👋!

Many thanks for sharing your story here. Great to hear that your wife is so supportive, did she know of a dentist who might be suitable? Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, please let us know how you got on. Best of luck ☘️☘️
Now two appointments in.

Visit 1. 2 weeks ago

Had a quick chat with the dentist before going in the chair to explain my history and phobia.
Really non judgemental and reassuring. Said I could raise my hand at any time for a break.
Descaling on a first appointment after 18 years wasn't much fun but was relatively quick and managed to get through it without digging my nails too much into the chair
And had my front tooth filled without any drilling or needles. Hallelujah!

Visit 2 this morning.
Another descaling & deep clean- this time with numbing gel which made it so much easier.
And a polish which was quick and not unpleasant.

Already a marked improvement and Next appointment in 3 months to let my gums heal and to start work on composite combing.
You've done amazing to get through the first appts. Often it's the unknown that can make the anxiety worse.

Hopefully your Next appt will feel a bit easier