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Bagshot, Surrey



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Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place

I/V sedation available.
I am now registered at this dentist. I've only been for my checkup so far and I'm due to have my first dental treatment today.

Its a lovely warm environment. The receptionist is lovely and bubbly and very helpful. They saw me on an emergency basis but I came out of my appointment smiling - something I never thought would happen!

I saw Dr. Aman Singh Gill and he was wonderfully calming and supportive. He explained everything really thoroughly and offered me some great advise. He really made me feel like my case was important and helped me to afford my treatment. They definitely care about their patients at Pennyhill Dental Care.

The room I was in was huge and spacious with glass along the back wall looking out onto gardens. It was immaculately clean and didn't have that terrible 'DENTIST' smell!

I definitely recommend this dental practice for anyone who is really looking to overcome their fear - no matter how scared they are!
That was fast work. I only found the website on the 4 November!
I actually can't give enough positive feedback for Pennyhill Dental~

I had my root canal today and i can actually say it was amazing! (Never thought i'd say that!) My appointment finished early - I was out in about 25 minutes! I had 3 injections (All of which were painless except for a slight twinge on the second one) He spent a long time making sure I was very numb before hand!

He warned me that I may feel a couple of twinges when he cleaned the tooth out but I barely felt a thing - just a couple of tiny shocks.

He had to go very deep as the infection was quite bad and he even took xrays to make sure he had gone deep enough (Which he had XD)

I cannot say enough positive things about their attitude towards anxious patients. He talked me through each step and kept reminding me to concentrate on my breathing. He was incredibly gentle and I came out smiling! Another thing I never thought could happen!

I strongly recommend seeing Aman~