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Baldoyle and Dublin 3



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Sean Murray
63 North Strand Road, North Strand,
Dublin 3
01 - 8557615

"Not only is he sympathetic and kind but he is a bit of a psychologist too! Very good with nervous patients like me."


"Well what can i say? Sean and all his team are AWESOME!! Believe me i NEVER thought I'd say that about a dentist. He has 2 surgeries the one you have listed in North strand and also one in Baldoyle in Dublin 13. Both surgeries are nice although the one in Baldoyle appears to be slightly more modern. The waiting rooms in both are comfy with flat screen TVs with cable in them. All the stuff that you have to ask other dentists to do in order to put you at your ease he just does without you asking.

Like all the chairs are faced towards the door and its was Sean's suggestion that I bring my boyfriend in to the treatment room not mine. During my initial consultation I said I was nervous and without me having to ask he never used the pokey thing during his initial exam just his finger and a mirror and wrote down all the info himself so no calling instructions to a nurse which can be pretty embarrassing.There are also no instruments visible in the treatment room when you go in. He is dead friendly and down to earth and authorative but in a reassuring "I'm going to take care of it so don't you worry" way and still wants your input. He gets on really well with his team and they all like him a lot.

So he is really lovely and i can't recommend him more. The bad news is that if people want him immediately he is on Holiday until June 16th 2007.

Hope this helps some one."


As the practice has taken on a partner, you will now have to specifically ask to see Sean when booking an appointment.

He practices mostly in Baldoyle these (Dublin 3 only once a week or thereabouts), so unless you're living out in Baldoyle, be prepared to travel! (31st July 2007)


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