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Ballincollig, Co. Cork


issi 11

May 5, 2009
best dentist in cork

Hi there,
Just a quick note to say that if anyone is looking for a dentist in Cork , why not try Freda Guiney in Ballincollig, she is so lovely really nice to chat to and gives you loads of time , even for complete freakazoids like me , who hate the dentist and best of all no pain, in fact she sorted out the abscess I had with something called root canal treatment so easily and painlessly.
I even went back for a second and third visit something I never did with anyother dentist before:):):):)


Jan 30, 2011
Two years ago I sat reading the comments (through streams of tears)from people like myself on this site, I was looking for a dentist in Cork.
I hadn't been to the dentist for 25 years out of fear of even the thought of it. I'm in my late 40's.
I woke one morning to find that my canine tooth was falling apart, the back of it was just crumbling away and I had to go some where for help (the pain became very bad) but where to go? I came across Freda Guiney's web site and thought well of it...... just making that call was upsetting but I had no choice.

Needless to say I needed a lot of work doing and still more to do. I have had a wisdom tooth and a molar extracted I have had root cannal and a crown on the canine and some fillings left to do.

Freda and her nurse (Jacinta) have been more than patient with me, Freda is a sensitive, inteligent, skillfull professional and kind dentist.

I now own an electric toothbrush, it takes some getting used to !
My mouth is becoming cleaner and I feel healthier.

My fear is still there but it seems to be changing in ways I cant explain, its like the positive aspects of getting this treatment done are starting to out way my negativity and quosh my phobia a little.

I hope this goes a little way in helping you make that call to get the treatment you need ...best of luck....God Bless.

Guiney Dental
Classis Lake Retail Centre
Ballincollig, Co. Cork.
Phone: 021 - 481 0535

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