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Be very careful about treatment abroad



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Sep 5, 2009
I have just had a very bad experience from a Hungarian company. I am still in shock to find that after a year ago of having 7 implants placed and continuous pain, I now have to under go extensive remedial work. Three of my teeth need to be removed I have a cyst infection and decay. I had spent £9,000 for my treatment. I kept writing to the agent that I was in pain I went to see them twice in London. Nothing was done. I then paid to have a scan done elsewhere. Then when I got back to them they sent me an email telling me that, I had NEVER complained of pain!! My god, what liars. I have so much proof to the contrary that I can't see how they hope to get away with this. Other customers I have met have not been happy.

Which brings me to this: Be very wary of websites, forums when they a praising dental companies abroad. How genuine are they? Yesterday I tried to post on a forum that helps people to decide where to go for treatment. My post was turned down. I wondered why. it was obvious there were only good things on there so people will carry on using these dentists because they have not been told the truth they only read the good comments the bad are held back. This is so wrong, where can anyone get a proper review good and bad. (they must be paid for advertising) I used BHMS and I will make sure that everyone knows what liars they are and how they try to take more money off you for their mistake.
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We tend to work on mainly 'white info' on recommended dentists but always delete the spam for 'dental tourism' since we tend to think it is fraught with dangers and downsides and would not recommend that people do it as a general rule. Caveat emptor....

There is nothing wrong with travelling within your own country however to find a dentist able to make a dentally anxious/phobic patient feel more at ease.

So we do have recommendations for dentists listed all over the world but we keep an eye out for 'false reviews' and those promoting dental tourism.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience..hope you get things sorted out.
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Be more than careful of any endorsement by someone with little posts. Remember in many countries you have little recourse when treatment is not performed well. It is also very complex to repair a botched implant case.
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