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Been delaying a root canal for way too long.. Using dentemp too.. Scared of getting a root canal done by the wrong dentist.. please help



Oct 27, 2018
I've had dentemp on my teeth for a few months, too long I assume, and a tooth needs extracted or a root canal done, I don't know who's best in my area for this and if I will be painfree or in alot of pain. I can't handle pain and sound during a tooth operation where I feel immobilized. Is IV sedation a good alternative, even if just for a root canal? I'm very scared, and I'm even more scared at what might happen to me if I don't gather the courage to get through with a procedure. When I called for a checkup in october, I puked after calling and couldn't sleep up until the day, just for an exam and xrays. The thought of feeling pain deep inside my tooth, and feeling nerve pain while being in that state, scares me. The nerve pain I feel now EVERY day doing normal things even such as swallowing, is 9/10. Stabbing intense pain that instantly makes me sweat. I'm so tired of this, yet I avoid the dentist.. :(
It's not unusual to feel this way, I'd bet about three quarters of the posters on here have experienced similar feelings of terror and panic. Yes, IV sedation would probably help, but first thing is to find a sympathetic dentist to discuss your options with...