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Before and After Pictures



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Jan 4, 2008
Sorry admins if this should not be posted here but I am wondering would others think that posting before and after pictures here would help others?
I always like before and after photos. Gives me hope and makes me calmer about treatments!
Sure, I've personally got nothing against people posting before and after shots in their journals if they so wish :). I'll make this a sticky thread.

One thing though - please only post your photos if you are absolutely certain that you don't mind anyone seeing them. This is an open forum which gets indexed by search engines, so the photos will be "public".

My other concern would be that this could turn into a "fashion contest" of sorts, so I'd like everyone to remember that a healthy mouth doesn't necessarily equal "pearly whites" and vice versa. I'd be slightly concerned that seeing "perfect smiles" on this websites may have a negative effect on those who work their way to a healthy mouth, but who don't go for the cosmetic aspect.

Cheers :)!
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Well for me mine wont be pearly white. I will have clean teeth but far from hollywood white and poker straight!
Okay I have attached before and after shots, apologies for the poor quality but I think people will be able to see the difference. As I have said my teeth may not have been bad as other peoples in the before pic but to me they were embarassing as hell


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Ok I wanted to post a pic with the knew denture...I don't have any before pics cause I never let anyone take my picture before now...so after all is said and done.this is my knew smile.(sorry I diden't have make up on or anything:sick:)
Ok I found kinda an after oisture...all thr front ones are crowns(which 3 broke due to neglect no pics of that...just imagine)but if you look close you can get an idea of how bad they we're...also look how unhealthy I look compared to the other pic...those bags under my eyes are crazy.
So the first one is AFTER and the second is before...but it actually got a hole lot worse than that...this was probably the last pic I was willing to take


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Mary - that looks AWESOME!!!
Thank you so much mcfoo for the compliment:XXLhug:
You look beautiful and are also a beautiful person - now go out and enjoy your life to the full.
Mary, I have to agree with Brit, just beautiful!!! I'd be showing off that smile all the time!!! ;)

I'm so happy for you and proud of you for overcoming your fear and being so courageous and positive through everything. Even when you were feeling down it was still obvious that you had hope for a successful outcome and between your picture and your posts you certainly had one!!! :jump: :party:

Thank you Brit and takingflight....you both have helped me so much....I love you guys.
yes I cannot stop smiling.(I will let you nkow how the date goes tomorrow:whistle:)
OMGOSH Mary --- you look STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!

You truly hit me at the right moment here...I dont come on here too often but Im sure I'll be coming on here like my second home in the months a'coming!! Im such the anxiety proned I dont know what but looking at your smile gives me hope and also a bit of strength...I would LOVE to have a smile like that!!!

I have a large gap at the top front uppers but right now will be soon dealing with a Perio Consult for severe bone loss and gum recession on my bottom front 4 teeth:((( Teeth are good there but bone and gum are not:(( sniff*

You look SO GOOD!!!!!!! What an inspiration...seeing pics like yours will help me thru this I just know it..I hope so!!! And, as I type this Im nervous now as my husband just literally picked my son up to head to the dentist for my sons' two extractions on the bottom 2 front eye teeth. He's never even been numbed much less extractions himself....so say a prayer...thanks SO much for sharing your pic..I hope more people do this too as they get finished with their "stuff".....THANK YOUUUU you look FANTABULOUS!!! I bet you are SO HAPPY I just cant wait for that for me!!:))
Yes, you are looking good Mary, and good luck with the date. I'm rather tempted to upload a picture of myself, but though the teeth may look lovely and new, the rest of me unfortunately remains old and worn. Besides which I prefer to remain a woman of mystery.
Well SS...I already think you are a beautiful soul.so that automatically makes you a beautiful woman.congradulations on the knew perms.
Sure wish I could see(hint...hint:giggle:)
Okay - I'm not showing my whole mouth yet because the bottom has yet to be cleaned.

But for anyone who is freaking out about a scaling this is the end result of having my top teeth done.

There is no before shot, but to give you and idea I had a black scale of plaque that was quite visible all around the front four teeth (on and between the gums). It was so thick I couldn't floss effectively and it was pushing my front gums back.

So this is the end result. The bottoms are peaking through but remain hidden because I'm just flat out embarrassed by them!

Just hope this gives anyone the courage to aim for the healthy smile.

There is still some redness as this was only done yesterday!


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Macfoo....congratulations on your first step :)) Even tho some redness that is what I'd expect from how you described the calculus...I can see how you will progress and the progression already...good for you:)) And dont you be ashamed of your bottoms...you wait till those babies are cleaned (winkie!)*... I sure wish I didnt have the gap I have up top ...your teeth are nice and together up top there:))

Good luck at your next cleaning...and maybe you'll want to post that pic..I'll think about mine but I need my cleaning first..haha..plus I hate my gap up top but maybe the bottoms Ill take a pic just so people can see exactly HOW FAR those gums really are.....I may be the most severist case here on these boards I tell ya! lol'

Im PROUD OF YOU GIRLIE!!!!!!!!! Good deal!:)) And ..thanks for sharin the pic....this will help others I know it:))

I have a starting picture and I have one taken today with fresh extractions and please excuse the blood. I don't like the wires of the partial and next year I plan to try the Valplast partial but for a temp it's all good.


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PS Mary you are just as pretty as I thought you would be. Looks great!
:respect:wow.scard2bthere...You look amazing.:respect:

Very beautiful...congradulations.

Thank you for the compliment...I just wish my bottom teeth looked as good as yours.....It truly looks amazing:jump: