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Before and After Pictures

Okay I have attached before and after shots, apologies for the poor quality but I think people will be able to see the difference. As I have said my teeth may not have been bad as other peoples in the before pic but to me they were embarassing as hell

Congratulations on your hard work, looks great. !!!
Before and After...

I was so embarassed of my teeth before my deep cleaning. I haven't had the best history with my teeth and am lucky to be in the shape that I'm in....


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Here are some of my progress pictures, not done yet, still 4 fillings and partial dentures to go! I have already had 9 extractions and 7 fillings since August last year.
i can’t believe I have come this far! Finding the right dentist really helps. I still get nervous, but at least I go now and don’t cancel appointments anymore!
Some of my images are reversed because I took some with selfie mode on my phone and took the others through the mirror lol!


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And a couple more


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