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Before and After Pictures

Updated the pictures in my original post. First shot is next day after scaling, second shot is one week later. This was the dentist "WOW" picture. She said she still has a little concern about the areas that are still red but she's VERY happy with how much healing has taken place in one week.

Now - onto the "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW" factor. I'm not proud of how bad I left my teeth and gums get. In fact now that its over and done with I'm going to sit here and bawl my eyes out.

In fact I now look at the before shot and cry thinking of how silly it was to let a fear rule my life.

Anyway, this will somewhere on the net end up taking it for the "worst mouth" award somewhere. I am almost certain.

Second picture is 6 hrs post procedure.

-- I myself just had to take a second look at the pictures. Hubby's laughing his butt off as I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light. I just realized "MY TEETH ARE CLEAN!!!!!!"


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Wow ...they look awsome....I will definatly go for the deep clean and scaling if my teeth come out looking half as pretty as yours.

Great Job...I am so proud of you...you did it.
Be super proud of yourself and I hope you and your hubby plan on celebrating.

Thanks for posting the pics...I needed that.
again they look beautiful....I am at a loss for words:XXLhug::respect::respect::respect:
Wow!!! I am so impressed and inspired. And your teeth are still there! (jk.. I know that was a fear of yours and it's still a fear of mine!) :jump:

So how does it feel? And how long did it take?

What does the dentist say about them staying healthy?

Congrats again!!

Feels downright weird. Run my tongue along my teeth and feel well - TEETH!

Took about and hour for each 1/2 (remember I had tops done then bottoms) so a total of 2 hrs in the chair which at this point I'm assuming I either was really blissed out on valium OR I entered some type of subspace continium that caused spacial and time acceleration - because I THINK it more like a total of 20 min, but last time I checked my iPod clock doesn't lie.

As for care, warm salt water rinse, floss, brush twice a day - pretty standard stuffs.

May end up getting a splint for the front teeth depending on how well the gums bond to the teeth and tighten them up.

I head back in in Sept for a checked and polish (wax on - wax off?) at which point they'll assess if I need any additional work.

This is three weeks post top and two weeks post bottom.

Just posting so people who are thinking scaling and planing can hold out some hope :)


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Ok I wanted to post a pic with the knew denture...I don't have any before pics cause I never let anyone take my picture before now...so after all is said and done.this is my knew smile.(sorry I diden't have make up on or anything:sick:)
Ok I found kinda an after oisture...all thr front ones are crowns(which 3 broke due to neglect no pics of that...just imagine)but if you look close you can get an idea of how bad they we're...also look how unhealthy I look compared to the other pic...those bags under my eyes are crazy.
So the first one is AFTER and the second is before...but it actually got a hole lot worse than that...this was probably the last pic I was willing to take

Wow! They're beautiful, Mary! And so are you :):grouphug:
Wow! All of you look so amazing! Its giving me courage to not back out of my appointment now! I want to have beautiful teeth like you!
you guys are so brave! :) Well Done!
hi everyone
i just wanted to say a big huge thankyou to everyone who has been brave enough on here to post pics im terrified and needs lots of work and teeth out but seeing yr pics has inspired me well done everyone you deserve yr healthy mouths and film star smiles !!!!

all the best

emma :)
Oki doki, here's my before and after pics, believe me when i say, my smile before was much worse than it appears here!......

And the "after pic" was taken 4 hours after my treatment last thursday.


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Hmmm, i didnt do very well posting those pics........... a wee bit too small eh?:oops:
Cielo...Are your pics here? I can't find you here by your name.
Not yet. Are you sure you really want to see?
:ROFLMAO: should I be scared???
No, not scared, but I've never been too proud of my former teeth. I did take photos of my last 12 front teeth just before they were extracted. Give me a few, and I'll post them.

Okay, here you go.


[image link expired]

The uppers. They were stained, cracked and chipped and had small fillings replacing the areas that had broken away.
They were so weak that I couldn't bite into anything without fear of them breaking.

[image link expired]

The lowers. They were stronger than the uppers, but still had fillings and throbbed all the time. They weren't going to last a whole lot longer.


[image link expired]

(For those that haven't read my story, yes, they're dentures.)
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CIELO...If you can do it..then maybe just maybe I can too..(gets out camera)
If you wait to post until you can take the "after" photos, it's a little easier. It was for me, at least. I never would have posted the "before" photos until I had something better to show. :rolleyes:
Great new smile!!!
CIELO....Your pics are ten times better than mine..you had good befores but I sure love your afters...My teeth now are HORRIBLE.. but soon they will be BEAUTIFUL :)
Thanks for sharing with me ((((Cielo))))
My before and after pictures

I am really embarrassed to show the before pic but really proud of my after.
Without you guys this would not have been a journey I would have wanted to make on my own..you guys ARE a big part of my journey and still are as I am just day 6 into healing and more to come. I have my first soft reline Sept 30.


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Beautiful Smile Celle!!!