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Belfast, Sandown Road



Apr 3, 2007
Hallo! :welcome:
I go to Patrick Rea on The Sandown Road. He doesn't use Sedation but by god He is Brillant! I was absolutely Petrified of Dentists and when I finally Plucked up the Courage He was Brillant. He Let me go for A "Introduction visit". He Explained Everything the Practice does. He asked Me did I want to come back and after some Deliberation I finally said yes. When I went for a filling I couldn't get the Gel Because I was getting a filling in my wisdom tooth and after a 20 minute argument over needles I gave in and Honestly I only felt a tiny scratch and I stuck My feet in the air if it hurt he stopped. He is Brillant. His phone Number is 04890471070. Give them a call. As much as I don't agree with Dentistry without Sedation-He is Great!
Hope this Helps!
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Re: Dentist in belfast, ballyclare direction?

Paddy's a good lad :)

Patrick Rea
Sandown Dental Care
33-35 Sandown Road
Belfast, BT5 6GT
Tel: 028 9047 1070

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