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Below the gum cavity, I'm a bit scared



Junior member
Jan 25, 2020
Birmingham, UK
Ok so I've had an issue with alcoholism for a while(since i was 15, been living alone) and you can see how that might affect my brushing. I would go long periods of time without touching a toothbrush. I've tried for a long time to get a healthy brushing habit but didn't get to it until recently, so I've been barely brushing for years. My teeth always looked completely fine, other than a bit of discoloration(I have always used mouthwash though), but I've always had this anxiety that there might be more going on. Today I was trying to get a piece of food out from between my teeth(I have braces) while looking in the mirror and I pushed my gum a bit and noticed a little black spot on my tooth. I fiddled with the toothpick a bit and a bit more bellow the gum it feels like a pretty big cavity and if I scrape it it hurts. The rest of my mouth seems fine but I can't be sure. I will get an appointment to get it checked, but until then I really need to know how bad it can be.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Without seeing you it's impossible to give any meaningful information really. If it's only sore when you scrape at it then it's probably nothing too serious. Might even just be staining...