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Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire



Junior member
Jul 6, 2009
Just plucked up courage to visit a couple of local dental surgeries to see how I felt. Apart from sweating like the proverbial pig and being unable to breath whilst in reception, it went surprising well :rolleyes:!!

Anyway, I popped into Berkhamsted Dental Practice but decided against them as they do not offer sedation on the premises, you are referred elsewhere. The receptionist was very pleasant and friendly and their website is quite informative. She suggested that John O'Grady was a quiet, kind, calm dentist who is good with very nervous patients:

I also tried Admiral House Dental Practice. They were really good. The receptionist arranged for the principle dentist to call me and we had a chat about my fears and issues. She suggested I pop in and see the surgery and meet the dentist who does IV sedation which I have done. He seems like a nice guy so I have taken the plunge and booked in for an initial check up. I'll let you know how it goes :yay:.