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Better start this



Junior member
Jul 10, 2018
A huge part of my dental issues today is being poor. I'm talking on food stamps, pinching pennies, buying a used DVD or book is a once a month treat poor. It's amazing how a single young woman can get no help with this. The last time I tried, I had to fill out paperwork to verify I was in the lowest tier of poverty above homelessness. Ended up running out of the office in tears because they tried to say all payments are required and I couldn't afford $60 for x rays. $60 is like $600 to most folks for me.
All of my teeth are cracked from epileptic seizures, have huge holes from cheap dental work, a crown that came off, and 90% of my teeth are broken to the gum line. I have 7 porcelain veneers - 2 in front like a rabbit and 5 on my lower left. Ten years ago, I'd planned for my entire mouth.
Last month I met a woman who knew a dentist who took mercy on me. I pleaded, cried and begged for help. I lost 35 lbs in a few months from my teeth just... Falling apart. They didn't rot, just started completely breaking down one morning. I've had nothing but pain for the last 3 years and no way to stop it. Combined with fear of dentists, I stopped trying. Brushing and flossing are completely out of the question - I have no teeth. Just exposed nerve endings and a mostly liquid diet.
On Friday (the 13th!!!!) I'm getting my entire uppers removed. I've been molded for dentures. I'm grateful for it because it's free but also angry. I don't feel like it should have come to this.
I've had dental problems since I was a little girl. They weren't taken care of until my teenage years and by then, it was really pointless. They say the teeth issues aren't genetic... Everyone in my family has awful teeth. My mother and grandma had dentures very young also. They say that all kinds of things affect teeth yet my grandma never smoked, was a nurse and very against anything bad in your body... Had dentures at 17. My cousins had root canals starting around 12, myself at 13.
Interestingly enough, this awesome new dentist explained there is decay underneath my veneers so all that money was spent for nothing, basically. And frankly, it would be so expensive and painful to do it all over for it to happen again. Dentures it is.
I'm nervous. And I won't be put to sleep, I discovered. I'll be on Xanax for the 4 hour procedure. I'm so nervous I can't sleep at night anymore.