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Birmingham City Centre



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Dinesh Vegad
St Pauls Dental Practice
Studio 8
50-54 St. Pauls Square, Hockley, Birmingham B3 1QS
Phone: 0121-233 0867
Website: https://dazzlingsmile.co.uk

"St Pauls is a small friendly practice but very modern with its state of the art equipment, and Dawn the receptionist plus the nurse really looked after me with TLC. It is conveniently situated just a few minutes from Birmingham city centre in a pleasant treelined square and Dinesh is a very friendly welcoming dentist - he really made it all so easy thanks to this revolutionary Wand. They also offer a giant DVD screen above the chair plus headphones which I found to be of benefit - the usual distraction method as it takes your mind of what is going on around you.

After my initial appointment and extraction, I was able to relax and even share a few jokes with him - never happened before!

After my experience with the Wand, I can more or less say that I am not bothered about future work that needs to be done and that I never need to endure sleepless nights just before the dreaded walk into the surgery, in anticipation of that awful syringe and whoever might be wielding it!

If you're anywhere near Birmingham, then check this one out and you will never be afraid of those needles again. For me -it's a 50 mile round trip but I would travel any distance to take advantage of technology at its best. Dinesh Vegad and team are superb and are well versed in dealing with phobics, so put the past experiences behind you!"
" Follow-up. After my initial visits and pain-free extractions via the Wand, I then decided on some much-needed cosmetic dentistry

Had teeth whitened plus a dodgy front tooth whipped out and replaced with a Maryland bridge - fairly expensive but worth it as I've got my smile back!

I can recommend Dinesh and his team at St Paul's for any phobics as he offers sympathetic treatment with state of the art equipment. Isn't the internet a wonderful boon as I searched on needle phobia before learning about the Wand.

Try it - just search for suppliers then ask them who is using the equipment as I believe more practices are now using them. Expensive gear but I'm sure they recoup the outlay with new patients who will probably invest in more private surgery or cosmetic stuff?"