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Bit of a Cold Can I still have extractions done?



Mar 17, 2012
Started with a sore throat on Friday evening and also a bit sniffly (up to now I am not coughing and have only sneezed twice in two days) I always take a Daily Multi-Vitamin and I'm loaded up on Cold and Flu Remedies including Throat Lozenges from the Pharmacy that include a Anti-Biotic.

I have an appointment on Monday 16/4 for some more extractions - will the dentist still do this even if I have a bit of a cold? I don't really feel that ill and hopefully now I'm getting the sniffle and throat under control.

As strange as it sounds I do not want anything to delay this appointment - if I feel okay in myself and I'm taking everything I can to treat it, can I still just go ahead and have the extractions done as they will only be done with just the needle in my mouth (as opposed to being put under).

Anybody here still being allowed to go ahead with a Dental Appointment with a Cold??

No reason why not, so long as you're not getting inhalation sedation and can't breath through your nose.