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Black mark on the back of lower molar, mark is near the gumline..decay?



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Dec 29, 2010
I've recently been told by the dentist I need some work done to my teeth including six fillings(some replacement, some new I think) and an extraction, blah blah they're going to sedate me so.
My gum at the back was feeling very irritated yday all day. I thought, well my teeth aren't in great nick it's probably just that, I'm used to dental aches and and pains so just ignored it.
However was looking at my teeth in the mirror and saw a black mark on the back of my molar near the gumline area that hurts...owch!
What could this be? According to my treatment plan I'm having a filling put into that tooth but it has a filling already so....
Sorry for the stupid question, would just like to know the possibilities here!
Probably some decay, seeing as the tooth is needing filled anyway.