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Black on my gumline bottom teeth



Feb 11, 2009
I hope someone can help me figure out what is going on. i noticed a blackness on my gumline area near the roots of my bottom front teeth.....I havent been for a cleaning in 15 years. Has decay gone into the roots of my teeth? If so, can my teeth be saved? I am in no pain, no symptoms.
Im a chickensh** when it comes to the dentist. My gums are pink, no bleeding or swelling.

I also have COPD, which means I have trouble breathing, and scares me to go for any dental/medical procedures.
Will I lose my teeth? Im 60 yrs old. Thanks for any advice.....
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Hello bioflame:

What you describing sounds like tartar on the teeth, which can be black or darker in color. A good cleaning will get rid of it. It sounds like your teeth are in good shape.

I am sure with a cleaning and check out you will be fine.

Blessings :)
Thank you for your quick response! So maybe there is hope for me...
May I ask what are the signs of tooth decay below the gumline?

Thanks again
It's pretty rare to get decay below the gumline on the lower front teeth, sounds a lot more like tartar build up.
Thank you dear for making me feel better :) I so appreciate