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Black Triangles...How Bad Are They???



Aug 2, 2018
After my deep cleaning two months ago, they warned me that black triangles would form. I’m just afraid that they look really horrible now. Can anybody tell me how bad they seem to look? What can I do about them?


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I am not a dentist I am pretty sure I have black triangles, as I am worried about my teeth even though I go regularly., I think also I have gpas which are black gaps due to overcrowding

I think you can get veeners, crowns, bonding to close the gaps.

I am going to talk to my dentist as I am unhappy with my top teeth as I am struggling to see and clean my teeth properly due to the overcrowding problem.
Hi there,

there are details that we worry about while nobody else notices. I do not think the triangles look bad and most importantly, if you were talking to me I would be focused on your lovely eyes, your smile, you as a person, the overall atmosphere and the topics we would be talking about. There is no way I would be focused on your lover front teeth and since this part of lower teeth stays mostly hidden during speaking and smiling or laughing, I probably wouldn't even notice it.

All the best wishes
The only way you could reduce the appearance of these is by fairly savage reshaping of the crowns of your teeth, to fit veneers or crowns.

This would require the removal of most of the healthy enamel and dentine from about 3/4 of the crown of the tooth, leaving it vulnerable to nerve death and/or fracture later in your life. The veneers would also need replaced about once a decade too...

In other words, you'd be mad to even think about doing this! You're a lovely looking girl and even a dentist would not be examining your teeth that closely unless you were in the dental chair at the time :)
Thank you all so much! Since my diagnosis and even before, I worry so much about my teeth. I’m not sure why I still do knowing they look so much better. You all really seem to put my mind at ease. Thank you all!