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Nov 5, 2008
ok so i am slowly getting over my phobia so now that i can manage dental treatment i want nice looking teeth again! just to boost my confidence. it was never an option before as i was so scared etc. so i am just wondering what is the best tooth whitening method around or is there a huge difference to them? there are so many advertised like zoom, home trays and all that. and what is the difference between deep bleaching and tray bleaching? so confused!! any opinions or thoughts are welcome as i want to get the best possible, don't want to damage my teeth or cause unnecessary sensitivity etc. thanks!
If you can afford it ask your dentist what they reccomend and go for an in office treatment or a home kit your dentist can make up with impressions. Im not sure where you are but at my dentist this is about £350. If you cant afford it I started a thread ages ago about crest white strips which you can get from dentists in america. I think there cheaper but I havnt seen them in England
both zoom and trays make your teeth sensitive temporarily.

Zoom I love the most because im very impatient and don't want to mess around with trays for two weeks.

however trays are alot cheaper.

I tried crest white strips, they annoyed me, but again its the impatient thing.
as my treat at the end of my treatment im having my teeth whitened at the dentist using bleach etc i wouldnt dare try anything myself. Im in uk and at the moment a lot of places are doing teeth whitening half price my dentist is £199 instead of £399 worth looking into if there is an offer pay now so its booked even if you havn't had yr treatment then you will get the offer and have something to aim for!!!!!
My daughter had the zoom bleaching done and her teeth look fabulous. She got hers on a half price offer too. She was warned by the dentist though about sudden shooting sensitivity pains that the dentist referred to as "zingers" during the treatment. She didn't have any at all but even the warning freaked me out - I'd have been out of the door!
Tray bleaching seems to be least likely to cause sensitivity, chairside systems are a bit more aggressive, they don't damage anything but they can cause the odd twinge.