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Bleeding 2 weeks after tooth extraction



Junior member
Oct 23, 2016
I had 2 upper teeth removed just over 2 weeks ago. A couple of times when I've brushed my teeth in the last few days there has been bleeding from the extraction area. Is this normal? The area is also still tender to touch as well. I'm worried about infection, how would I know if it is infected?
Hi it can be normal and often is sometimes you can catch it with the brush to cause this. As long as it isn't prolonged and excessive it should be fine.

I would contact your dentist and let them have a look just to be sure though, they are the best to advise you as they can have a look in person. They would also be able to tell you if you have an infection. Usually if you get an infection it is very painful and you would get a bad taste in your mouth. :butterfly: