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bleeding after molar out? i need



Well-known member
Jan 14, 2016
I will be getting a molar out next month and worrying about the bleeding, how long do i need gauze in my mouth? can i take it out to drink quickly? i've had two wisdom teeth out and don't remember an issue with that but it's been 11 years since last one out. I am depressed i even need a molar out but trying to just know it has to go due to crack and not be upset about it. How were others' experiences with the gauze? not worried about pain, it's the gauze in my mouth that is an issue for me.
Usually, 3-5 minutes of biting down on the gauze is enough, so perhaps that’s why you don’t remember it from last time 🙂. It will be over in a flash!
how come they say an hour and then change it every hour? seems alot as how much can it bleed?
Perhaps after some very complex wisdom tooth removal? The best person to ask would be your dentist or oral surgeon who have seen the tooth in question!
okay, i will