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Bleeding after SNP



Junior member
Dec 12, 2016
About a month ago, I finally mustered up the courage to go to the dentist after not going for 10 years. Due to a medication I am on, I had severe gum detachment/overgrowth so I was immediately sent to a Perio. He went in and did the right side about two weeks ago and was able to remove all of the access gum, and get my teeth and gums all cleaned up. I went in yesterday to do the right side. That side was not near as bad! No gum overgrowth at all. Just just the SNP. The procedure went great, and I went home feeling great. Didn’t have pain at all. I went to be and woke up in the middle of the night tasting blood. There was SO much. A clot had formed over my tooth, and the blood just kept coming. This went on for maybe an hour and a half. I was finally able to get the bleeding to stop after biting on a tea bag for quite some time. So (knock on wood) it hasn’t bled in almost 12 hours. I called my Perio to let him know about the amount of bleeding, and he didn’t seem to concerned. Now im scared to brush that area! Im afraid im going to knock a clot lose, and start bleeding again! Those of you who’ve had SNP, how long did the bleeding last?!