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Bleeding at gum line on one tooth (slight)



May 30, 2013
I had a molar pulled in Sept. Next to the last. I noticed yesterday that the back tooth had some bleeding at the inside gum line after I finished brushing. Not anything I could spit out, but enough that I could touch it with my tongue and see some. The gum is not red or inflamed, tho I will admit that I was super careful around that tooth all during the healing time after the extraction so it's been neglected. Actually, it looks like all the other gum line. I saw my dentist in late December and had a cleaning at that time.

Could this be from movement because of the gap or just the beginning of some gingivitis from not brushing well enough? (or both) *I sleep with a night guard and chomp down very hard. This back tooth is not 'in' the night guard tho. Also, when I brushed this a.m., there was NO bleeding in that area.
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I think you need to toughen the gum back up, by brushing and flossing. If it continues I would go and see your dentist to be sure. :butterfly:
Thanks Carole. My toothbrush has a timer so I've been doing the full 30 seconds in that area for the last few brushings. I think you're right.

Thanks for your help.
But do you use floss, I brushed for years correctly I thought and twice a day as we are supposed to but since using floss over the last couple of years my gums have been much better. I never thought it was important and to be honest floss wasn't really mentioned by dentists a few years ago to us.

I cannot get through the day without using it now and I do wonder how I managed without it. I hope your problem is a small one good luck :clover::clover::clover: :butterfly:
Hi I had to giggle when I read your response, not at you but at myself because I have gone from brushing twice a day with a standard manual tooth brush to using, and I have a list here

Electric toothbrush
Floss, glide and some that puffs up for bigger gaps, also super floss for my bridges
Interdental brushes, the rubber type as the bristle ones are horrible
a humming bird toothpick thing that vibrates
mouth wash mid day
and I carry easy glide flossers with me all the time as well. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I hope you get your problem sorted out soon Good luck :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover::butterfly:
Thanks guys. I didn't mention floss because the bleeding was along the gum line and not between teeth. Anyhow, I brushed well the next day and looked with a flashlight. I could see a fine line but no bleeding. I brush twice daily with a Sonicare. The spot is gone now.

After having the molar in front of it removed, I had to be oh so careful when brushing and was using a manual very gently on that tooth to keep from causing pain, breaking loose a clot, etc. I also sleep with a nightguard and it ends right at that tooth. There may have been some irritation. All better!

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Good to read that things have improved now :jump::jump::jump::butterfly: