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blood clot after extraction



Feb 23, 2011

I had an upper molar extracted yesterday. It was quite tricky to get out - the dentist had to break it up to get it out. :o It has been quite painful and swollen since the LA wore off. He gave me some antibiotics to take - I've now had 3 doses.

I was warned to be really careful not to lose the blood clot. I've been SO careful, but after having some soup for lunch and then doing a salt water rinse, the clot seems to be gone / have turned white! :scared: I'm not sure if the white I can see is bone or not. It doesn't look very deep, but it's definitely white not red!:scared:

At the moment it is no more painful than it was this morning. Ibuprofen seem to be working.

So, do you think I have lost the clot (or indeed the plot!)? Is dry socket inevitable? Can I do anything to prevent it? My dentist is closed today so I can't ask him to check it. what is the timescale for the clot to dislodge normally? Thank you - I am really paranoid about this!:cry:


Aug 16, 2010
I just had 3 front bottm teeth extracted day before yesterday and as for the blood clot its ok tht it turned white keep taking ur antibiotics religiously! Watch for signs of dry socket extreme pain, u will have some natural drainage its the healing process keep mouth as clean as possible be gentle around the area when brushing dont rinse harshly just let the water run out of ur mouth dont do too much salt rinsing let it heal on its own...good luck I am recovering this weekend too message me with any other questions I am a pro at extractions now I have had many :(