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blot clot after extraction



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Jan 14, 2016
i'm going to an oral surgeon on Tuesday to get a root canalled molar extracted, they have said i need to have gauze in my mouth for an hour after i get it out- is this necessary? I need to take the bus home so will feel strange with this in my mouth but no one will know so guess it doesn't matter, i will be with my mom for support and incase i have to talk,lol. i checked on another local oral surgeon site and they say 1/2 an hour and on here it says 3-5 mins. I will ask when i go before i get it out for the reason and if i have to how long i have to have gauze in my mouth? I don't think i left it last time for this long and just worried how i will drink with gauze in and if it's okay to take it out? I've never really liked dental stuff in my mouth (fear of choking on it and just the feel of it), i know gauze is better than dental equipment but still something. Also, how long do i stay with soft, cooler foods for? when can i start chewing foods, many say different things on here. I just want it to heal properly, i've had two wisdom teeth out and never had an issue with them healing.
An hour seems a bit excessive, but it seems to be a US thing. I honestly don't think that the length of time matters at all, once the clot has formed then that's it and it usually happens within 5 minutes or so.
No, I wouldn't drink with gauze in place.
As for eating, I'd wait till the local wears off and then eat what you want.
i'm in Canada. i will ask when i go on tuesday why they say for an hour. thanks for the answers.