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Bonding?Could someone explain please?



Jun 4, 2007
Due to years of bulimia i have damaged the front 4 upper teeth. Someone suggested i have 'bonding' to help repair the enamel loss and improve apperance. Could anyone tell me what this is,how much it costs and if its suitable?
Bonding is just the process of sticking something onto a tooth. The more crucial question is what is to be bonded.
Usually bulimics dissolve away most of the palatal enamel of the teeth. This can be replaced by either porcelain, composite (a kind of plastic) or gold. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You'd need to discuss it with somebody who has seen your teeth.
@Gordon Dental bonding can be used for palatal erosion?
Yes, under some circumstances.
@Gordon Crap. I was told it wasnt possible and got crowns as advised. Ive felt like I made the wrong decision since the day of. The front of the teeth were fine but the backs were worn to almost nerve exposure.