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Bone fragment?



Junior member
Mar 3, 2020
I’m new to this forum and appreciate any help. I’ve read quite a bit here about very painful bone fragments working their way out of gum after wisdom tooth extractions. That appears to be what I have going on after my right lower wisdom tooth removal. However there has never been an X-ray so I’m not sure. A little tiny sharp piece was poking through and cutting up my tongue. My surgeon filed that down. My
He insists I wait a couple weeks to see if it will push itself out on its own. He gave me an opiate Pain med if needed. I’ve been using ibruprophen so far. Recently it feels as if my gum is trying to bury it rather than push it out. Does it ever happen that it is buried and absorbed and less painful? Or must it come out on its own or through surgery? He seems reluctant to tamper with it. He’s considered an excellent surgeon, but I’m wondering if I should get another opinion. I’m trying to trust him, be patient and tough it out a couple weeks. Any thoughts? Can the bone fragment be buried and left alone without problems? I’m a young senior, slower to heal, and find this all pretty exhausting and upsetting. Thank you.


Junior member
Aug 26, 2019

The surgeon is correct. The fragments will work themselves out with no issues. I had the same thing and the wort part was my tongue constantly bumping it.