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Bone fragments and sharp protrusion after extractions

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Jan 3, 2008
something (bone??) protruding from extraction site!!

Had an extraction on molar # 3 ??? (upper 2nd from back) 3 months ago, had had 2 root canal surgureys on it previously and was waiting to have it capped(crowned). It broke or shattered before...scary.. so then the extraction(couldn't b saved). Of course there were complications...the PAIN & more PAIN. So the newbe doc tells me I should of seen a oral SURGEN..."i was sweating" during the procedure he tells me 4 days after when I call him wondering why my face hurts soooo bad, thanks doc. Present time , 3 months later something is growing out of the side of my upper gum line, what the f......i almost vomit:o, a tumor? a growth? it kinda hurts and whatever it is its coming OUT no matter what i do. A piece of root left? doc reasurred me he got it all...he did call me in a nice script but i hope he is going to be responsible for whatever he left from the last surgury.....scared too death..HATE oral surgury and kinda pissed he f'd it up in the first place. Could a simple xray could have prevented this in the first place??? help guys???
Re: something (bone??) protruding from extraction site!!

Hi Ktina & :welcome: I am not a dentist, but have had multiple extractions. It sounds like what you may have going on is what they call a bone spicule, or bone sliver trying to work its way out. This is perfectly normal, but can be quite painful. Most times these spicules are reabsorbed, but occassionally they work there way out through the gums. If it is causing alot of discomfort, the dentist can simply nudge them out for you. Once the spicule is out, you should be fine. If you choose to wait for it to come out on its own, it usually take a few days. You can try applying some numbing medicine on the area to help with the pain.

I am sure the dentists will be on soon with some more input. Hope this helps:thumbsup:
Re: my next journey....

Hi there
Bone slithers/slivers are fairly common following a tooth removal, and certainly more common in cases of multiple tooth removal. They are caused by tiny fragments of the very thin bone which was between the roots of the teeth. Dentists will have a quick check to see if there is any obvious bone debris which can be carefully removed but obviously as soon as the tooth is removed the socket bleeds in order that the healing process can begin- making it quite hard to spot these small fragments. Also it is important to avoid too much 'investigation' (with a probe or tweezers for eg) of a fresh socket, especially if it is a back tooth which may be near the maxillary sinus.

The slivers often work themselves out, (in much the same way as little splinters often work themselves out). Sometimes however the dentist need to give them a helping hand if they are still there and bothering you after a week or so (if they are quite small- the dentist would just lift them out with tweezers possibly after a little numbness is placed)

Hope this helps to explain what is going on!


Dr Mike
Bits of bone coming through gums after extractions

A friend of mine who had the same thing done as me the day before I did we both had teeth extracted and had immediate dentures placed told me she has bone spurs and has been pulling them out herself. I was wondering what they are and how do you treat them. I think I may have some I am not sure I know I have some sore spots and when my denture is in it hurts a lot no matter what I do I have tried to put the Benzocaine they told me to use on these sores but it does not help with the pain. I am already having issues with my dentist :o as he has told me my Fistula will heal on its own and does not need anymore attention. He also has contradicted himself on telling me to rinse with Milk of magnesia after I eat or drink anything but also told me during the same appointment I can hold off rinsing and should only be doing it 3 times a day. I want to switch dentists but with my insurance if I do that I will have to pay for all my denture expenses out of pocket and that is just not a possibility. Any information would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.:hmm::respect::thankyou:
Re: What are bone spurs?

They're better known as bone spicules, lots of stuff on here about them. They are little sharp edges of the bone socket of the teeth that can become detached from the main part of the socket and kind of cut through the gums as the socket heals. Some people seem to get them more than others, there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. They can either be removed by the patient or dentist, or left till they work their own way out.
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